Thursday, January 2, 2014


When I think of happiness, the first thing I see in my head is light. Some blinding light that should come only from nothing but sunlight. So there are many ways to express yourself. There are many ways to express your happiness. One thing is already the way you can express yourself through your clothes.

This look is all about happiness despite everything that is happening around us. My top is just a simple striped open-polo shirt from Bench. My stripes symbolize how life isn't just a big part of a linear activity in history. It has its white sides and its black sides. There are times when knowing the truth also means learning how to grasp that happiness in your life. I got my Moschino dyed chino shorts to go with that. Shorts usually symbolize the freedom a person has through happiness. Well, it does, actually, in my look. Folding the lower part of the pants or shorts give it character. I walked with my usual topsider shoes and just smiled away.

I had the photoshoot happen when we visited the ancestral house at Pampanga. We visited the cemetery at Pulilan, Bulacan and then traveled straight to Pampanga for lunch. We ate our lunch there and talked with the people living back in the ancestral house. It was really cool there and I though the grass was to green to be true. This was the holiday season like December 26.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This look is all about confidence and charisma. So as to what we all want, we strive to get that seat at the top of the social pyramid. It just shows that we can express that likeness not only through writing but also in what we wear.

The sunnies, as a lot of people commented about it isn't really mine but I feel a lot comfortable with it on that look. I felt like some fierce part was missing. the sunnies that I think was bought from a thrift shop was borrowed from Cloene Mae Juderiasen, and I thank her a lot. Shades with a round shape usually symbolizes the fierce part of a person. The part that's a fighter. The part that says, "hey, I'm here and I'm here to make a mark." The shades symbolizes the mysteriousness securing that fighter. We hide that part, but we don't stop from fighting society. We keep going and going to reach the top.

My top is a striped pink and purple polo shirt from Penguin that brings the classy part of the look. I believe that purple is the color of the royalty and wearing it actually brought me confidence. I tucked it in my COTTON ON dyed chino. I used a belt to put character into the vintage look of sand colored dyed pants. I wore my usual shoes for that event because as usual, comfort before style. Vintage styles are nice mostly when showing formality and composition. It shows the firm side of a person that doesn't quit being the perfect type of guy.

This was the day of our school's christmas party and the University of Santo Tomas Paskuhan 2013. It wasn't really the best paskuhan but I kind of enjoyed it anyway. We had the party. I was actually able to take part in one of the games and it was truly tiring. I had to keep dry. And after that, we went to the house of my friend and we exchanged gifts. After that, we went back to UST to go on with the party.